Tight Rope Walker and books?

Coming back to my routine after a fun weekend on a Monday morning doesn’t always warrant a smile, but knowing that it is my last full
week of work for the next 3+ weeks certainly does! Sorry for the short post yesterday, I was busy having fun!

Saturday night Mike and I went out to a bar with a bunch of our friends! My good friend Laura and I tried these new to me ciders!

photo (674)

They were pretty good but for 240 calories (OMG) a pop SO not worth it! Turns out I read 118 calories a bottle and there were 2 servings to each bottle. I only had one! LOL We had a ton of fun with all of our friends and it was a beautiful night to sit on the bar’s patio and have a few beers with some great people!

Like I said yesterday was go go go! Did anyone else watch Nik Walenda do the walk? Holy Moly! That was stressful for Mike and I watching!
The 20 minutes flew by for us and we couldn’t take our eyes away from the TV! It was wild! I am so glad he made it!

Today I had an easy breakfast of a sandwich thin with lots of chia!!!

photo (672)

Lunch was put together in a cinch too! I had a big salad with some Kashi Pizza that I cooked up this weekend! I am trying to use up a lot
of frozen food this week in preparation for a fridge clean out prior to leaving on my vacation!

photo (673)

It felt so good today to hop on the bike for 35 minutes of hill intervals during my lunch break! I finished reading Gone Girl last
week and started reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham as soon as I was done!! I loved the twists and turns in Gone Girl and I
love Someday, Someday, Maybe so far!

I love to read on the beach and since I will be on the beach for well over a week I am hoping you all can give me some suggestions to get on
my kindle before I leave next week!

Tonight I am off to get a hair cut and a few highlights! I am hoping to get in more reading while they set! πŸ™‚

Have a great night everyone!!!


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