Holy SORE!

Last night I completed a circuit workout after my yoga class to break a sweat for the day and today I woke up SO SORE! I guess something worked! My upper back is feelin the burn! HA! Side note, the workout is coming to the blog soon! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks!
Last night, I also made a delicious dinner! I used whole wheat egg noodles, some TJ’s marinara, mushrooms, onion, and a can of diced tomatoes to make a veggie packed pasta dinner! I topped this all with some grated parmesan and it was fantastic!
photo (677)
I started pulling out some clothes for my upcoming vacations last night. Seriously what is my problem!? I have a closet truly full of clothes, yet somehow I could find nothing I wanted to pack, what is the deal!!! I need to reconsider my outfits and plan for the next few weeks as I will be in Jamaica for 6 days and then the outer banks! I will not want to do a ton of laundry in between but it must be done!
I haven’t slept very well in the heat the last few days so my morning workouts just haven’t been happening. I vow to do one Friday before work. I hope…
I prepared some good ole oatmeal this morning with a side of a delicious banana, I love when they’re still green!
 photo (676)
I also had a great lunch! Side salad with fried rice! I simply took the prepared bag of TJ’s vegetable fried rice and cooked it up. It made about 2 1 cup servings for lunches. To each portioned bowl, I added 3 oz. cooked shrimp and more mixed vegetables that I had on hand. To finish them off, I topped with soy sauce. These were easy to reheat at work and very filling. I love sneaking more vegetables into meals like this!
photo (678)
Side note, I got a haircut and fresh highlights Monday night, you like?
Not sure why my cheeks are looking so pale compared to my forehead, ha!
photo (679)
What are you up to this Fabulous Wednesday night?

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