Plank Challenge, who’s in!

Hey Everyone!!
Let’s see… where did we leave off? Oh yea! Last night, Mike and I got Chipotle for dinner and a Redbox!
photo (680)
We rented Side Effects which was kind of slow. I guess I am saying that because I already heard how the movie ends. Maybe it’s better if you don’t? HA!
After that we just hung out and watched a LOT of TV. It was a quiet night and sometimes those are the most relaxing!!
What a gem Mike is, he picked me up a brand new bottle of my Gummy vitamins! Love the flavors! They taste like fruit snacks!!
photo (681)
I had my usual 2 ingredient pancake for breakfast this morning and a lot of this… the keurig just makes it so easy!!
During my lunch time workout, I did 40 minutes on the elliptical.
Yesterday, I read Becky’s instagram and saw how she is doing a plank challenge. At lunch yesterday I did 2 minutes, no problem. So today, I wanted to challenge myself a bit more. I held on for just over 3 minutes!
photo (9)
I was thrilled and so proud of myself. For me, exercise has a lot to do with mind over matter and so much of it is mental. My goal is to hit 5 minutes by August 1! I will track my progress here and there and I will follow Becky as she does hers too for added inspiration! This is why I love the blogging world! We are all here to inspire and motivate each other to keep doing what we love!
Who else is in for the plank challenge? Just in time for bikini season!

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