Sunday Eats!

First off sorry for the blurry pictures!!!!

Last night Mike and I went on a dinner date with 2 of our friends! We went to an Italian restaurant and I ordered the Shrimp Marinara! It was so good!
photo (692)After dinner, we came back and rented The Call starring Halle Barry. It was a good thriller! I was on edge the entire time!!

This morning Mike had to coach lacrosse, so I went and got brunch and a pedicure with my friend!
photo (691)I had an egg white omelet and a English muffin. I really liked it!

We also go pedicures! Is there anything more relaxing?

For a snack today I had a sliced up banana and some peanut butter!

photo (690)Apparently this weekend was full of thrillers because we also watched the House at the End of the Street this afternoon. I may or may not be able to sleep for the next week. Psychos scare me.

Mike and I made a very healthy dinner tonight after some errands. We got a fan because his house is 80+ degrees, some things for his car, and some sunscreen at target! We also swung by the grocery store so that we could get the ingredients for dinner! We baked chicken, steamed broccoli, and had some (un pictured) corn on the cob! I am really full now!
photo (689)Off to have a relaxing night, hope you do too!



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