Exercising on Vacation!

First off happy Fourth of July!

Currently I am en route to Jamaica, yea mon!!

We got up at the crack of dawn today and I think I was a zombie while Mike drove us to the airport!! I need to find a Starbucks STAT!

Since I am going to be out of my routine for the next two weeks, not to mention being surrounded by not so healthy and indulgent foods, I
know my exercise while I am on vacation is important.

I love routine, I am a person of habit and I know that exercising in the morning even for a little bit will put me in the right frame of
mind for the rest of the day. It is realistic to plan on it every day? Of course not! Should I relax and unwind? Of course! Life and health
is all about moderation and I know I will want to enjoy every minute that I am here! Luckily, Mike and my family love to exercise too! I
know we will encourage each other and it will make us feel better! Plus the peer pressure to get up and do something doesn’t hurt!!

I know if all else fails, I can always do a quick circuit workout in the resort. I am planning on having some handy for a quick and sweaty
workout (with no equipment required)! I hope the fitness center is nice, I haven’t been able to find anything about it online! However,
during my searches, I did see that there are plenty of outdoor activities on site as well as local bike rentals! I know there is
always the option to swim, get a long walk on the beach in, or simply walk around and enjoy the sites, every little bit counts.

Some things that caught my eye were the on site yoga and aerobics classes! I am definitely keeping those in mind! Oh the benefits of all
inclusive resorts! 🙂 Mike and I worked out even in Mexico this winter, and were treated to iced coffee after of course!

mexico 014

Tonight, I am off to enjoy a baybreeze or glass of champs, not sure yet… but I will be spotted at the Pirate themed Party tonight with
all the fam! Argggg Matey!! Have a great Thursday everyone!


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