Meal Planning

Do any of you out there meal plan?
It is something I constantly strive to improve upon! I always make a grocery list and plan for my shopping trips (because I definitely
am the kind of person that needs limits, I really try to budget well). However, between long hours of work, living at home, visiting Mike, and seeing friends, some how it is really hard to stick to a meal plan. Making one each week is one of my new goals. Rather than starting backwards with what I have bought from the store, I am (DUH) trying to be more proactive and plan exactly what meals I will make for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each week.

I am a list gal, you name it, I have or will have made a list for it!
Here is a rough example of a meal plan for the week I return from vacation:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Arnold Sandwich thin w/ PB & Banana


2 Ingredient Pancakes

Egg Sandwich on Arn. Sand thin

2 Ingredient Pancakes



Mixed Green Salad with chicken

Pasta Bowl with Marinara

Chicken Caesar Salad

Pizza on Sandwich thin

Chicken Wrap

Out for lunch



Chicken Parmesan



Chicken and baked sweet potato

Kashi Pizza

Out for dinner


I know it is going to be difficult getting back into a routine after so long away from one, but having this meal plan reassures me that it will be easy to get back into my healthy habits! I enjoy the way eating healthy makes me feel so I know this will be a welcome reunion!
Plus, this plans out exactly what I will need to buy form the grocery store to help my wallet and my waist! Easy to make that grocery store list now! πŸ™‚
I hope this may help you too!
Have a great day everyone!!


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