Jamaica Recap {Part 1} Yea Mon’

Hey Guys! Are you ready to hear about my trip!? I can’t wait to relive it through these recap posts!!

Jamaica was a wonderful trip to a beautiful destination and I already can’t wait to go back to the beautiful beaches one day!

Our first day started bright dark and early… 4 am to be precise! It was rough getting up before the sun, but we were all busting at the seams to get to our destination!!

After a ride to the airport, an egg white delight from Micky D’s (not bad!!) and an iced coffee (DUH) we were off on a jet plane!!! I couldn’t sleep a wink on the ride. Luckily I had my laptop and Mike and I watched old episodes of Entourage on the flight!

Once we landed we had to ride in a bus to get to our resort in Ocho Rios from the airport in Montego Bay… Unfortunately, the lack of sleep caught up with me and I slept through the whole thing, I missed all the sights.. whoopsies!

But, finally we arrived. We stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grande!

We had beautiful views from our room!

They bay and the mountains:

summer 2013 401 The stunning sunsets:

summer 2013 400 Another shot with the reef:

summer 2013 402 Our first night out was pretty laid back because we were exhausted from the day of travel, but we made sure to have some fun!!  Look at my pretty momma!
summer 2013 396

summer 2013 405

And for our first full day we beached it!! We had some cocktails too of course!

summer 2013 406The sand was so incredibly soft and the water was refreshing. I could have floated around in paradise all day long!

On the second night we got dressed up again and went to the Italian restaurant for dinner at the resort!

summer 2013 403We even did a little clubbin’ at Jamaic’n Me Crazy! Woo!

Day 3 was an adventure!

After a long morning at the beach we all decided to venture into town and walk to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Restaurant!

summer 2013 410You absolutely cannot go and NOT get a margarita! It would be just be wrong.

We enjoyed some nachos with everyone of course, because I don’t know if I can go an entire week without some semblance of them! While we were there a man came around and made all the ladies little birds out of palms…. how cool is my hummingbird (that he stuck in my head, HA!)

summer 2013 412

One thing I didn’t know about Jamaica was that there is a big stray cat community. It broke my heart how skinny and sickly they looked and the little fur balls made me miss my Spark-plug!

summer 2013 414

I saw this shirt and IMMEDIATELY thought of my friend Laura. She is hilarious. She always reminds me ya gotta jump at chances… YOLO!

summer 2013 419

Since this post is getting a little picture heavy…. I will part with my favorite picture of day 3…. or maybe the entire trip….

“Can’t you feel ’em circlin’ honey?
Can’t you feel ’em swimmin’ around?
You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you’re the only bait in town.
You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you’re the only girl in town.”

summer 2013 418

See you tomorrow for some more fun!


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