Jamaica Recap {Part 2}

Ok where did we leave off? Oh right, Margaritaville!!!

On our way back to the resort on Saturday, we did a little exploring and shopping  in Ocho Rios!

summer 2013 420While there, we all got some souvenirs and Mike got me a really cute new pair of Michael Kors sunnies! Adorable! I love them!

Once we finally got back to the resort, Mike and I had a little date!

summer 2013 422

We went to the restaurant at the resort called Ginger Lily… it was awesome. I loved my stir fry!!

summer 2013 423Parents and the Boys!

Me and Mike!

summer 2013 427The boys snorkeling… (one mention of water snakes and I was more than happy to read on the sand!) 🙂

summer 2013 454

summer 2013 430

Family shot before dinner!

summer 2013 436The boys-

summer 2013 437Love-

summer 2013 439

Last beach day!
summer 2013 444

We made sure to watch the sunset from the beach that night and took some great photos that we will cherish!

summer 2013 470I love my family!

I love him too!
summer 2013 468Brother time!
summer 2013 462

Our last day on the island started before 7 AM so that Mike and I could workout. We had our last meal at the resort and packed up! We had a long 12 hour trip to get home between, busses, planes, long lines, and cars, but we made it! It was so nice to still be with my family and get in more quality time with them, I am so lucky to have them in my life. They are wonderful and I am very blessed.

I loved reliving my great trip with you all. It was such a memorable vacation and I hope to go again someday! If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them!

Tomorrow morning I am off to the Outer Banks with Mike’s family. I am excited for more BEACH TIME! I will have lots of posts and fun things coming this weekend and next week so stay posted! Have a great Friday night everyone!


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