How to not gain weight on vacation…

The other week this article caught my eye… in fact I immediately clicked on the link because it was called How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation…
UM HELLO! This is exactly what I am trying to prevent! I don’t want to throw caution to the wind and undo all of my hard work!!
There were 6 main points in the article:
  • Prioritize
  • Right your Wrongs
  • Save it for Later
  • Alternate
  • Indulge
  • Pack Light
Although the points make complete sense, some during my trips will be a challenge. For example, in Jamaica, I can’t exactly pack a cooler to take to the beach, so I will be at the mercy of my mind. I will have to make good decisions and the cafes and the restaurants. However, at the Outer Banks, I will be able to pack some healthy snacks and options!!
Additionally, since I will be enjoying a few alcoholic beverages 🙂 I will definitely alternate my drinks with water and club soda. I also happen to like vodka sodas which are lower in calories, and I LOVE prosecco and champagne!!
I will also keep in mind to eat lighter in the evenings if I do enjoy big lunches or breakfasts!
What are your tips and tricks to not gain weight on vacation… WITHOUT putting pressure on yourself or missing out on any fun?!

Leave a comment :)

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