Book Review of Someday, Someday, Maybe

Since the book Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham came out, I have been dying to read it. Not only is she a hilarious person and wonderful actress, it turns out she is a pretty amazing writer too!! Since Gilmore Girls and Parenthood are my all time favorite shows, I may be a little biased, but I have honestly loved every role that Lauren has played.





So, without further ado, here is a (VERY BRIEF) summary and review of the novel! I don’t want to give away too much!


The story follows 27 year old Franny Banks as she is approaching the deadline she set for herself.. to go home and get a real job, or continue to follow her dreams and become a real actress. Franny is down to earth and lives with 2 roommates, her friend Jane who is working as a PA and Dan who is trying to become a screenwriter. With auditions and acting classes and trying to make it big, you go through trial and error with Franny and feel for her as she faces a lot of disappointment. She even gets a taste of love in a fellow actor and gets a taste of what it would be like to shine on the red carpet. Through all the ups and downs of Franny’s attempted career as an actress she slowly starts to realize what she is meant to do, with a little help from her friends, and some mistakes.

Franny is funny and quick and very relatable. I found a lot of qualities in her that I also see in myself sometimes. Truly, I couldn’t put this book down and picked it up in every free minute to see if her career took off in the next chapter! I loved how Lauren Graham shines through the whole time; I just completely imagined her as Franny and it made the book so much better! It is cute and funny and has a realistic coming of age story. I totally recommend it! She conveyed self-doubt, friendship, love, passion for a career, and all the challenges that come with trying to make them all work at the same time… in your 20’s with ease. We have all been there and she portrayed it so realistically.


I won’t spoil the end for those of you who want to read it (DO IT NOW) but I will say that as I finished the book, I wanted to keep reading. I wanted to know what was next for Franny… I really hope Lauren writes a sequel. I felt pleased at the end almost like this entire book was a reminder that if you follow your dreams anything is possible. It may not put you where you expected to be, but that things do happen for a reason and they often turn out better than you ever expected. This was a cliché in no means, just a relatable story that girls in their 20’s have all been a part of in some form or another.


Good work Lauren!


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