Tasty Tuesday- Pulled Pork (EASY!)

Tasty Tuesday! Pulled Pork
I have another yummy crockpot meal for you today! Pulled pork! This is such a simple “set it and forget it” recipe! My mom makes this recipe a lot and everyone always raves!
All you need is:
1 large pork loin
1 can of light beer
1 large bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, it is the best!
Ready for the hard part?
Combine all 3 ingredients in the crock pot…
Keep waiting, it is about to get REALLY hard!
Cook on low 10-12 hours….
About to get harder!
Smell that goodness cooking all day long! It is impossible!
Next, you have to drain off the BBQ sauce and beer, basically empty into a colander.
Simply, return the pork to the crockpot and shred the meat with forks! Then, all you need to do is add some BBQ (fresh) back to the meat and let combine together for just a little bit!
This is a crowd pleaser! I even made this recipe for our Outer Banks trip with Mike’s family.

The recipe makes a ton so it was a great dinner on sandwiches for everyone! The leftovers are great on Nachos too 🙂

Happy Eating!



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