I finally weighed myself- I gained about 4 pounds form both of my vacations since the beginning of summer.
Is that bad? NO.
Is it staying? NO.
Do I feel my best? NO.
Can I make some changes? YES!
Four pounds may not seem like a lot to you but I know it is a slippery slope to continue to gain. Also, on my small frame it is easy for me to see a few pounds add up!
So, I did what any other healthy living blogger would do…
I started my day right-
photo (720)
Healthy oatmeal with flax and chia added… kept me full from 8-1!
Then, I worked out!
Thanks Julie for this sweat-tastic circuit workout that I did at lunch!! I was dripping! I am sure I will be sore from all those burpees tomorrow! I did have to modify it some… I only did 10 burpees and pushups… sue me!
… And then I made a healthy fajita salad for lunch!
photo (719)
Tootles vacation weight!

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