Budgets and Diets!

Thursday! YAY!
Where did we leave off? Oh yea! Last night when I got to Mike’s we hug out for a bit before going out to grab a bite to eat… he had Chipotle on the brain but I knew I wanted something a little healthier. Luckily there is a Subway right next door!
Enter my dinner…
photo (722)
Last night we hung out and Mike helped me work on my budget and planning of my student loans. I am not the best with financial planning for myself since I love to shop with a vengeance. However, Mike said something that struck a cord with me. My monthly budget is like a diet in a sense… I only get so many calories a day (Money per month) and I need to use them wisely and plan ahead to see what my fixed expenses leave out and what there is left to spend on other things. You get the gist. Suddenly, it all clicked. I really understood and I am going to make a conscious effort to pay as much attention to cutting back on my shopping as I am empty calories! DUH!  I was not a peach while I was looking at all the unnecessary spending that I can and should cut out in order to pay off some student loans early (ahem, thank you Ann Taylor Loft) but once they are done, they are done, I so appreciate Mike’s help!!  I can’t wait to be done with my student loans, then I can spend money on fun things down the line like a house of my own!  Oh the joys of adulthood! HA!
After that fun discussion, we rented the Incredible Burt Wonderstone, I wasn’t expecting much, but the movie was hilarious. I love Steve Carrel and Jim Carey!
I ruined my lunch today by trying to like the TJ’s ranch again. Veggie burger on the side of a salad….
photo (721)
I hope dinner is better!!!
Today’s workouts:
Another circuit workout thanks to Julie’s blog!
Yoga class
I have to say I am really sore from my workout yesterday, plus I love switching things up! Change MAKES change!!!! YAY!
Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂

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