Weekend Recap

Hey guys! This weekend has been full of fun and I can’t wait to share it!

Friday night was a night in for me! I made homemade pizza….

photo (733)

… and we had to get more crabs since it is summer!!

photo (732)

I got up nice and early on Saturday morning to make a nutritious breakfast before my busy day and first spin class in ages!!
Enter the 2 ingredient pancake! (I also added flax… loving adding this to my food lately!)

photo (731)

Spin was awesome, I forgot how much I love it. The teachers and music make all the difference and Saturday’s was awesome. I was sweating buckets!!!

My day was a blur once my workout was done!

I quickly showered and got ready because I went shopping with my dear friend! She is having her first baby in November and we went to register for her baby showers!! That little turkey is going to be so spoiled! I cannot wait to spoil him too!

We had such fun shopping and I didn’t want it to end! But, I did have to hurry off to meet Mike. We had plans to meet a bunch of our friends in Baltimore to see the Orioles play the Red Sox.

Late afternoon, we took the light rail into the city and met 3 friends at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill.

photo (730)

We had happy hour before the game with them before grabbing a bite to eat outside of the stadium. Unfortunately, when we left Cross Street (indoors) it finally decided to rain. Awesome hair day……

Once we finally got to our seats, we met up with our big group! It was great to get everyone together! We had a fun time in the game but unfortunately, the O’s let us down… Bummer!

photo (728)

After the game we stayed in the city to go out for drinks! It was a beautiful night!

photo (729)

I slept in today! It was another rest day for me… I didn’t plan on that but after a long night and some beers at the game all my body wanted to do was relax… oh well! 🙂 I just finished up some food prep and I am popping in 42 (the Jackie Robinson movie) to watch now! It’s going to be a relaxing night for sure!


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