Better late than never!

After a fun weekend and a not so healthy one at that…. hello beers and a hot dog at the game… I was happy to get back at it today!
My night last night was lazy at best! I had a yummy dinner of spaghetti:
photo (736)
… and then I parked it on the couch to watch countless episodes of the Real Housewives…. #educational…..
Back to today–
My breakfast started out great and kept me full for over 5 hours!
photo (734)
3 ingredient pancake!
My lunch was also a cinch thanks to my food prep for the week yesterday!
photo (735)
I had baked chicken on a salad with a side of baked sweet potato wedges!
I had a killer workout at lunch that I had to cut short due to some serious sweat!!
I stumbled upon Gina’s Summer Shape Up Plan and decided to give it a whirl since I am having fun switching up my workouts! I completed day one of week one at lunch today! I had to cut the cardio short but I will definitely do more HITT tonight so that I can make it count!
What are you doing this week to start off on a helathy note?!

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