Summer Nights

I am loving the cooler temperatures we have had in this late summer. In the evenings, i enjoy taking long walks with my mom and girlfriends to chat it up and get in some extra exercise.
Last night was no different!
photo (739)
 I did my beautiful 3 mile walk after a delicious dinner of chicken enchiladas courtesy of my dad!
photo (740)
So good.
I also watched the Bachelorette and some Housewives last night! Slade said yes! LOL!!!
My breakfast today was more oatmeal but it incorporated more flax and less oats and I was just as satisfied!
photo (738)
My lunch today was nutritious and filling but it wasn’t as tasty… I had the Pizza Primavera from TJ’s and I was not liking the seasonings! BUT  I ate it anyway because I was hungry!
photo (737)
Tonight I am going to a yoga class and then getting outside with my mom to walk again! Gotta soak all this in before winter!
**I did do Gina’s Summer Shape Up day 2 today– boy am I sore! My QUADS!!!!

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