2 New foods I really really like {And you should try them too!}

Right after work yesterday I headed to my gym for my class. Yoga was exactly what by body needed last night! The Summer Shape Up is totally kicking my butt… and my quads are killin’ me! I am walking like a tin man this week! Thank you Gina!!
I came home and had a protein packed dinner of buffalo pulled chicken, some brown rice and salsa, and asparagus to refuel!
photo (744)
… and just a little something sweet for dessert… has anyone else had one of these bad boys yet? So good!
photo (743)
Last night after yoga and my nice long walk (with lots of hills) I was able to get some grocery shopping done. I just needed to pick up some food for a cookout I am having this weekend. I am glad I was able to get it off the to-do list! While I was at the store, I noticed my favorite greek yogurt had some new flavors out, so of course I got 10 of them (SALE!)
I was able to incorporate one into my afternoon snack today in fact!
photo (742)
I had the banana creme with shredded coconut and just a few walnuts for some crunch! I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors!!
photo (741)
What is your favorite yogurt flava?!
-Vanilla because the add-in options are truly endless!

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