Where did July go?

Hi everyone!!

How has your Thursday been? Mine has absolutely flown by… just like the entire month of July did… can you believe it is already August?!?!?!

Last night I went to dinner with Mike at Chipotle and got my usual salad bowl.

photo (748)

We ran some errands in the evening and then we took a walk with his roommates since it was such a nice evening!

photo (745)

We couldn’t decide what to watch on TV after endless searching but we finally found Newsroom- a new to us show. We really liked it! It is so cool to see different angles of a story!

I started this rainy day with a little version of my kind of sunshine! DUNKIN!!!

photo (747)

… and peanut butter always makes me smile too!

photo (749)

I had a half day today so my lunch consisted of mostly leftovers… and I was going to have a new yogurt…

photo (750)

… until I remembered I had some frozen fruit and decided to make a delicious smoothie!

photo (746)

My workout today was the Body by Bethenny Yoga DVD– I really forgot how hard that was! So many sun salutations!

I gotta run, I have plans with a good friend to catch up and walk tonight! See you for some Friday Fun tomorrow!


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