Date night!

Tonight Mike and I are off to a fun date night at one of our favorite restaurants in my hometown, so I gotta make this quick!
We are heading to Papa Joes! Mexican to the max! It is just so yummy!
Last night, I went to a quick dinner at Panera after a doctor’s appointment. I got the black bean soup with a side of a whole grain baguette. I love this stuff!
 photo (755)
I rushed home after dinner to walk with my good friend, she just got engaged (& I am a bridesmaid!!!!) and we caught up during a long walk on a pretty trail near her house! It was so fun to have so much girl talk!!
I came home around 9 and prepped my meals for the next day and crawled into bed, I was exhausted!
My breakfast today was my 2… make that 3 Ingredient Pancake for the win! This is so protein packed and keeps me full and satisfied for hours on end!
photo (754)
I completed the last workout from Week 1 of the Summmer Shape Up program from Gina today at lunch. For my cardio portion, I split 20 minutes on the elliptical and the bike. Intervals, baby!
 photo (753)
I immediately came back up to my desk to finish up work for the rest of the day and had the last of my food from my big cook-up on Sunday. That really made this week’s meals a no brainer!! Definitely doing this again!
photo (751)
… I better run! I feel a Corona coming on! Have a great Friday night everyone!
What is your FAVORITE thing to order at a mexican restaurant? I am thinking of trying something new today!!

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