Wonderful Weekend…

Hey guys!
How has your weekend been? My weekend has been so much fun! I don’t want it to end! We had a great date night and a fun day yesterday too! Let me do a quick recap!

Last night my best friend Brooke and her husband Ashley came over for some grilling and  a concert!

We started with some wine for the girls and beer for the boys while Mike fired up the grill for our dinner. Chicken-bacon-ranch sandwiches!! It was totally fat free and healthy…. SYKEEEE!! Moderation ya’ll!

After dinner, we grabbed our lawn chairs and walked up to the county fair to see Parmalee in concert. Let me tell you- 10 bucks was money well spent for this show! They were great! Here are some shots from the night!

My best friend Brooke!
photo (761)Caught the band “back stage”

photo (762)Singing their hearts out!

photo (756)We loved this band! I love me some live music!

This morning, we slept in a little bit and made egg sandwiches for breakfast!

photo (760)We lounged around this morning and decided to head back to Mike’s house late this morning. We decided to take the long way home to see the beautiful scenery on a day like today!

photo (757)We grabbed a quick lunch today from Subway before we had plans to meet a friend for the movies!

photo (758)We had to rush because we wanted to get some candy for the movie!

Wegman’s baby!
photo (759)2 Guns was an action packed movie, we really liked it!

Now I am fighting off my candy coma before we head to Mike’s parent’s house for dinner! This has been a go-go-go day, I am sure I will crash hard tonight…
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

What is your favorite candy?!?!


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