Shopping Mission!

After a lovely steak dinner with Mike’s family last night, we came home and fell onto the couch. We were exhausted after such a fun filled weekend. We ended up rounding out the Sunday night hanging with his roommates and watching the football game on TV.
I got a great night’s sleep and decided to swing into Dunkin on my way to work for some iced coffee… I have tons of gift cards! When in doubt, this is my favorite gift ever! It keeps me caffeinated, which means everyone around me is happy!
When I got to work I had some more oats in a PB jar to finish out another straggler that I have been keeping at my desk… mmmm…. good!
During my lunch hour I did some steady state cardio on the elliptical to begin week 2 of the Summer Shape Up from Gina. Tonight I am going to do the weight circuit at home soon!
I came up to a lovely lunch full of veggies and lean protein! Looks good, right?!
 photo (764)
My lunch dessert came in the form of a greek yogurt parfait topped with sliced almonds and shredded coconut. So fancy and so filling!
 photo (763)
Tonight I am on a mission to finish up Mike’s birthday shopping since the big day is Friday!  I want to get it all done tonight so that I can spend the rest of the week wrapping and prepping!
What are you doing tonight?
Any special ideas of things I can surprise Mike with to make his birthday extra special?

Leave a comment :)

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