Support systems!

I am really glad so many of you liked the recipe yesterday! Let me know what other variations you come up with!!
Last night when I got out of yoga I had a picture message from Mike waiting for me:
His dinner last night was a salad, he was proud of himself for eating healthfully.
This got me thinking about how happy I am that 1. Mike is willing to try my zany recipes in order to make healthy meals, 2. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and 3.That we can support each other with it!
Healthy changes in your fitness and diet need to be lifestyle changes, not temporary ones. Of course it is awesome to indulge on occasion, life is all about moderation, and you have to have some fun in there too! Hello- everyone needs  a good nacho in their life!! But, with all the healthy changes you make, it is so important to have a strong support system around you! I love that my parents exercise regularly. I love that Mike and I choose Subway and Panera and cooking over going to 5 Guys… although sometimes we would rather have the fries! Having people around me that support me is priceless! I think that is one of the least recognized tools that people should utilize to improve their healthy living habits! People are the best support!
With a strong support system, we can lean on each other, ask for tips, and reach out for advice! It is so much easier when you have people around you with the same goals to work towards together! This is another reason I am proud of being a part of the healthy living blogging community. It makes it so much more easy and manageable to know that I have the same struggles, set backs, and fears as so many of you! Together we can improve our health and fitness!
While I personally love knowing that I fuel my body with fuel and strengthen it with daily exercise, it is important to know that it isn’t always easy … trust me, life isn’t always butterflies, Taylor Swift songs, and froyo, sometimes you just need someone to hold you back when you’re rifling through the pantry searching for a bag of chocolate chips! 🙂 If that isn’t support, I don’t know what is! HA!
I hope that ramble made some sense to you !
How you do you find support for your healthy lifestyle?!

2 thoughts on “Support systems!

  1. I totally agree with you. I love the support of my blogging friends. And how when I am not feeling a workout, but know I should get my butt out there, all I need to do is tweet and support and encouragment will come flooding in!! And that is awesome support.

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