Just watch Shark week for an aerobic workout!

Happy Thursday!
Last night, I went to Mike’s house after work. We hung out with his roommates for a bit and then headed off in search of dinner… Since it was Wednesday the options were limited- Chipotle, Chipotle, or Chipotle. We’re pretty predictable creatures….
… but I decided to veer from the norm and I got… drum roll please… Subway!
photo (768)
Ta daaaa!!
I’ll be here all night folks!
We had a really relaxing night because when we came back from dinner we all just chatted, hung out, and watched Shark Week and Triple D! (The night was relaxing minus the ‘I survived a shark attack’ show, this one put me into full out panic mode. I may have even gotten a cardio workout in based on the increased heart rate from this sinister show!)
This morning when I got to work, I heated up my premade oatmeal- up close and personal!
photo (767)
I worked away the morning and did my cardio for the day during my lunch break!
My midday meal consisted of a salad and a side of some leftover mashed potatoes! So good! Lotsa gaaahhhliccc in there!
photo (766)
I was feeling wild today and I had this bar for my afternoon snack.-
photo (765)
I commandeered this protein bar from Mike’s parent’s house this weekend (thanks again!). It was just ok. It tasted kinda sugary and I can’t emphasize how disappointed I was when there were no sprinkles in sight….
I have a busy night ahead prepping for Mike’s birthday weekend! I hope you all have wonderful evenings!

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