Happy Birthday Mike!!! :)

Happy Friday Ya’ll!
Today, you are going to get a sappy Jackie post. Today is Mike’s birthday! Everyone wish him a wonderful day and year to come!!
Happy Birthday, Mike. I love you and I am so blessed to have you in my life…
… to go on road trips with!
photo (770)
…to watch the sunrise on the beach with me.
photo (771)
…to embrace my silliness!
photo (778)
…to cuddle with Spark!
photo (777)
…to run with me (you better believe once I get my foot surgey we are going to make up for all the time I haven’t been able to run!)!
photo (776)
…to watch football with me!
photo (775)
…to have fun on Saturday nights with me!
photo (774)
…to lipsync with… Bye, Bye, Bye!
photo (772)
… just to be with you!
photo (769)
Happy Birthday Mike! We are going to have so much fun celbrating this weekend!

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