Sofa Sunday Recap…

Happy Monday, friends!
My weekend was fantastic, I hope yours was fun too!
Yesterday, I was kind of a waste. I am talking lay on the couch all day just because you can sorta day. You need that every once and a while though, right?! I was pooped out from our fun day at Hershey Park (complete with chicken nuggets) on Saturday and our fun night out with friends (full of delicious Orange Crushes) on Saturday night! 🙂
After my nap yesterday (who am I?!) I didn’t sleep the best last night. I ended up “treatin’ myself” (Thanks Becky!!) to a large iced coffee this morning. It definitely kept me going today and was much needed!
I had my usual oats for breakfast with this (yuck) frozen meal for lunch:
 photo (780)
I was in a hurry and wanted to make sure I had something manageable for lunch when I packed it (last week) so I made sure to add some chicken to this as well.
As far as fitness goes today, I started week 3 of the Summer Shape Up and I am loving this plan. I did the workout at lunch today and I will complete the cardio portion on the elliptical this evening! {Side note, I am really starting to consider the bone spur removal surgery. Not only do I seriously miss running, but it is really starting to affect everything I do. I will keep you posted!}
photo (779)
I hope you all have a wonderful start to this week. Let’s get back on the healthy train shall we! Progress, not perfection!

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