Nut Crackers!?!?!?

First of all, holy cuteness! I love coming home to my main man!!
photo (782)
On my way home yesterday I got a lot of my errands done!
Got gas. Check
Got Groceries. Check
Elliptical. Check
I even managed to prep the food I bought! Not bad for a Monday night!
This morning I had a yummy egg burrito! I topped 2 eggs with a slice of fat free American cheese on a flat out wrap!
photo (783)
It was mighty tasty! (But, secretly I was so bummed I forgot ketchup and hot sauce!!)
My lunch today was a delicious shrimp caesar salad. I had a bed of fresh spring mix, 3 ounces of shrimp, some tomato, light caesar dressing, and 2 T of shredded parmesan!
 photo (784)
On the side of my salad I had some almond crackers… wait what! almond crackers?!?!
 photo (781)
Yep- another impulse buy at the grocery store despite my list.
For 130 calories you can have 16 crackers. These are actually wheat and gluten free and have 3 g of protein per serving. I really liked the wafer texture! I think I would definitely buy these again!!
During my lunch break I completed 45 minutes of steady state cardio according to my workout plan! Love it!
Off to have dinner with Mike tonight, he leaves for the beach (work trip… lucky duck!!) tomorrow until Sunday! I will miss him!

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