Brown Rice “Baked” Ziti

Last night when I got to Mike’s I helped him pack for his trip! I am so jealous, I want to be at the beach!
We worked up an appetite folding clothes and doing some laundry and decided on a quick dinner from Subway! Anyone else tried the new Popped Lays? They tasted like cardboard….
 photo (787)
We hung out with his roommates and visited his parents last night too! We were on the go!
I was exhausted this morning, but I did remember, my one true love….
 photo (786)
KETCHUP for my breakfast 🙂
… you were thinking Mike, weren’t you! 🙂
I also had a fancy-ish lunch today!
 photo (785)
Brown Rice “baked” ziti!
All I did was measure out the 2 ounce serving and cook the pasta until al dente. Then, I added a half a cup of TJ’s organic marinara sauce, 3 ounces of cooked shrimp (protein!!!),  and 1 T shredded parmesan. All I had to do was reheat at lunch and serve with a salad for more veggies!
I am meeting my BFF Brooke tonight to do our favorite walk and talk to exercise and catch up. Both are critical aspects of life!!
What kind of fitness do you do with your friends?!?! We are total multi-taskers!!!

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