Good Friends… & Wine

Oh yoga, how I’ve missed you!
I finally made it back to yoga tonight! Thank goodness. I have been needing a good stretch!
I am loving the Summer Shape up from Gina so much! I love the structure and hard work. But I have a special place in my heart for yoga as well!
I started my Thursday with a banana burrito… it was love at first bite!
photo (789)
My midday workout was an easy 40 minutes on a stationary bike during my lunch break so that I could read and loosen up my legs from all the squats yesterday!
For lunch, I had the last of my shrimp from this week on a bed of spring mix alongside a sandwich thin pizza. So cheesy. So good.
photo (788)
I had so much fun walking and talking with Brooke last night. Sometimes all you need is a good friend and a glass of wine and I feel a glass of wine in our future! Since it is almost the weekend wine is looking better and better!
What is you favorite kind of wine? I have my eyes on some Pinot Grigio, just like this lady!

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