Lunch at home

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday!

Today I worked all morning long. I had to leave work early to go to the dentist. Boo.

On the bright side, I was able to have lunch at home.

photo (791)
I had a side salad and some delicious Confetti Mac and Cheese. So filling and good. I added way more veggies this time… hello FIBER!

I also got to work in the kitchen on a fun recipe… more to come on that this weekend!

My workout today was the final workout from week 3 of the Summer Shape Up along with some elliptical work! Gotta get sweaty!  🙂

Tonight I am going out to dinner and to the movies to see We’re the Millers with my mom! I am so excited! That movie looks hilarious!

What are you doing tonight?


2 thoughts on “Lunch at home

  1. How was the movie? I love adding extra veggies to mac and cheese. So yummy. Hope the dentist went well too! We drove up to the Lake and had a fish fry with my family. . . followed by Dairy Queen. It was awesome. 🙂

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