Saturday Randomness…

I apologize in advance for the random collection of my thoughts in this post….

First of all… these nachos. I had them with my dinner last night, it was not easy to chew them but I managed.

photo (795)

Long story short, I had to get a re-filling of a cavity yesterday and one half of my mouth was still numb and it was not easy eating solid foods. I am a trooper though. I managed. I also managed lots of candy at the movies last night. In fact, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much during We’re the Millers. I definitely recommend it if you like a good laugh!

photo (794)

Spark was sad he had to miss out on the Friday fun.

I made it up to him with lots of outside play time this morning though!!

Also, this morning I went to the gym for yoga and 45 minutes on the elliptical. It was a great workout. I fueled before my workout with this usual Saturday breakfast:

8.17 024And with my leftovers from yesterday I also had this smoothie for lunch!
photo (793)I had a busy morning of cleaning and organizing before I had to run along to meet my girlfriends for a pedicure party!!!

photo (792)We had so much fun chatting that we ended up walking over to Rita’s to continue to chat over some Italian ices!
photo (790)

We had so much fun with the girl time, I was sad to go!

I have to run now to go to a summer night bonfire with another group of friends! I hope you all have wonderful evenings!

What is your favorite flavor of Italian ice?

Mine is mango 🙂


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