No bake Sunday

This weekend I got to work in the kitchen…

I saw Julie’s recipe for No bake peanut butter oat balls this week and I knew instantly that I had to try them out for myself!

These are great and taste just like no bake cookies at Christmas!

I followed Julie’s recipe but subbed out almond butter for more peanut butter and at the end, my mix was a little dry and I had to add a squirt of honey to the ingredients to get the last 2 oat balls to stick together.

Dry ingredients:

8.17 019

Adding my beloved peanut butter:
8.17 020Then all you do is mix until it is ready to roll! The recipe couldn’t be easier!!

8.17 022

Like Julie said, I let them sit in the refrigerator for a while so that they can harden and stick together well.

My recipe made about 14 oat balls

photo (797)I am really loving these for a snack on the go!

photo (796)

Thanks for the recipe Julie!!


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