No pain no gain…

Here are a few shots of eats this week!

Monday dinner of leftovers:

photo (801)

Tuna salad for lunch on Tuesday:

photo (800)

Breakfast for dinner quesadilla last night with a side of the most fresh and delicious tomato from my grandma’s garden:

photo (798)

Lunch today:

photo (799)

Enough of the eats. Last night when I was doing Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown something she said stuck with me.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So often we go through workouts mindlessly, I know I do. Yes we’re still doing our body good by exercising but we could be doing better! Basically no pain no gain like Jillian said. We should be pushing our bodies more frequently if we want to see a change.

Since I have started the Summer Shape Up program by Gina I’ve been so sore. I’ve been pushing my fitness to the limits and noticing that I am getting stronger. Yea of course it’s uncomfortable being so sore the next day, I think I have been walking like a tin man since Monday from all the deadlifts. But I can feel like I’ve done something I am making myself stronger. Stronger, faster, better is what we want right!?

Lets help remind ourselves that change makes change and it’s ok to be uncomfortable sometimes!!

Happy workouts!


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