Weekend recap!

This weekend was an absolute blast having Ali come to visit me!

On Friday after work, I headed to the airport to wait for her to arrive! I picked her up in baggage claim and we went back to my house for refreshments and wine!

We had such fun catching up and just being happy to be in the same state!

photo (811)

We talked to the wee hours of the morning and finally crashed. We needed a big breakfast to hold us over for a four mile walk in the morning!

photo (810)

One we got back and showered we headed back out the door to Elizabethtown, PA to our alma mater so that we could play in an alumni field hockey game!

On the road again!

photo (806)

Here we are with our other roommate Julie after the game!
photo (807)
It was such a blast to see girls we played with in college and catch up!!!

We called it a night early on Saturday after such a busy day! But it was a treat to wake up to this breakfast spread on Sunday morning thanks to my mom!!

photo (808)

I was so sad to see Ali leave back to Buffalo yesterday, this whole thing car work gets in the way of fun sometimes!

When I got to Mike’s house last night he knew how to cheer me up…..
photo (809)
What else!

Happy Monday everyone!


3 thoughts on “Weekend recap!

  1. Gail Macharsky says:

    What a fun weekend! So glad I got to be a part of the fun and festivities …with my two special girls!!! Can’t wait for the next time. I hear we may be Buffalo bound!!!!

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