Ugly Eats…

I had some seriously ugly eats today. Breakfast was oatmeal that exploded in the microwave and my lunch was a messy chicken enchilada meal by Kashi. I dot care how ugly they looked. They made my belly so happy!

photo (816)

Do you want to see a beauty?
photo (817)
Pumpkin is back at dunkin baby!! That helped me cruise through my work ALL.  Day. Long. I think I am still a little jittery.

I was super busy at work all day but I did manage to get some me time in at lunch to do some intervals on the elliptical. I’ve been reading on it lately. Has anyone read any books by Sarah Pekkanen? They are great books! I’ve read 3 in the last month! I fly through them! Any other book suggestions? I feel like I will be done with this one by next week!!

I am so ready for this long weekend ahead. We have some plans but a lot of our plans involve relaxing! It’s the first weekend Mike and I have both been in town in weeks and I can’t wait to spend it with him!

Tonight I am off to walk with my friend Melissa for some walk and talk time to catch up! I love doing this with friends! I am doing it tomorrow with my friend Brooke so that makes me one super happy girl!!!

Tell me some things about your day!


4 thoughts on “Ugly Eats…

  1. olivetorun says:

    I only go to dunkin when I go to a specific location of our gym branch…. I may just have to change my workout schedule to get over there sooner for Pumpkin!

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