Is that FALL I smell?

Fall is in the air…

Yes I know it’s not fall yet and I never wish for summer to be over but this morning when I left the house it was a crisp 54 degrees. I had my skinny jeans and a cardigan on and I was blissful.

Especially since my first stop of the day was to Dunkin’…
photo (830)
I even got a hot coffee to warm me up!

Today was a good day at work. I was able to catch up on a lot and I felt really accomplished!!!

I took my lunch break down to the gym and did some easy cardio on the elliptical. Tonight is gonna be a quiet night for me so I plan on doing a Jillian Michaels DVD so that I can get some strength training in as well! Am I weird for wanting to already clean out my summer clothes from my closet!?!

I ran out of salad this week so lunch was a strange deconstructed plate. Veggie burger, mashed sweet potato, and steamed spinach. I also had a peach and pretzels in the afternoon!

photo (829)

Because I have fall on the brain I have a strong urge to bake. I’m resisting though! I need to consolidate my list of pumpkin goodies and wait until it’s officially fall to swing into pumpkin mode!!! What’s your favorite thing about fall!?!?


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