Running Update!

I know this blog is called NachoAverageRUNNER but I haven’t been able to run in a bit…

As you may or may not know, I have had many issues with my feet since my half marathon training in the winter…

…2 stress fractures, missed races, and last but certainly not least, posttraumatic arthritis and a large bone spur from a field hockey injury in college. It has been a real treat as you can imagine. I have tried everything from complete rest, to a cortisone shot, to orthotics and new shoes, to only low impact activity.

Today, I went to my foot specialist (with Mike for moral support… he is a saint) to discuss the removal of my bone spur on the top of my foot. I am really not sure about this and considered canceling the appointment multiple times. I don’t want to go under the knife! The pain isn’t terrible all the time but it is so uncomfortable and really sore the mornings after I do long walks. It has started to really impact how I walk and I don’t want it to cause any more problems… my hoofs have been through enough!

I haven’t set the date for surgery. It depends on my doctor’s schedule and we will be setting a date soon. I am thinking sometime in November/ early December. This will me no cardio for at least 4 weeks. This will mean at LEAST 1 week of no driving… no work… no fun… laying on the couch and then being in the dang walking boot for the entire 4 weeks. Very inconvenient. But this could be way worse. My dear cousin is bravely battling Burkett’s lymphoma and she is so inspirational to me! She has shown me that even in a sucky time the power of positive thought is all the difference.  I know that in the grant scheme of things, this is just a bump in the road. After this ugly surgery I will only have a slight scar and will hopefully be a stronger and better person and runner for this and all the physical setbacks I have had since January. I am really thinking this is a good thing! I am still nervous to be off my feet for that long, but this will be fun for me to treat myself… ahem Becky… relax, rejuvenate, online shop, get creative in the kitchen with healthy recipes,  and watch some crap daytime TV!

I will need my healthy living blogging community to help me ease back into running which I miss so dearly and love! Here’s to sticking together all!!

On a brighter unrelated note… how yummy do my dinners from this week look?!?!

Crockpot lasagna:

photo (836)

Pulled buffalo chicken with green beans and brown rice:

photo (835)


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