Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

Are you superstitious? I am for certain things! Like wearing my jersey in game day and such! Everything else, not so much!

In any case, you should all watch a scary movie tonight. I will not because I don’t think I slept for 2 weeks after I saw Paranormal Activity… don’t believe me? Ask everyone I have ever met, ever.

Last night I made an amazing dinner of broiled salmon teriyaki.  I served it over brown rice and mixed veggies. So good! Good enough to double as leftovers for lunch today. I’m sure I’m the most popular one now for microwaving fish at work…..

photo (844)

At least breakfast was good and not smelly!
photo (842)

I also did some crazy strength training at lunch since it was a weird day. Check out this! I did 3 sets of ten reps for each. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!
photo (10)
I had fruit snacks for fuel.  Oh yea….
photo (845)
Tonight I’m looking forward to a quiet night in watching Parenthood free on demand. I found all the series last night! It’s gonna get wild tonight. Pizza.  Wine. Tv. Watch out world! I need to stop being so exciting!


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