Beautiful day!!!

Today is the most beautiful fall day. I woke up to a crisp morning and it brought a smile to my face. I had spin class this morning so I had a pretty basic breakfast before I left to fuel my ride.

Usually, I go to my yoga class immediately after spin, but this day was just to pretty to be inside to my mom and I went on a beautiful walk to take in the day!

Before we left sparky helped me stretch some. He is such a ham.

After that play time we headed out to walk a little over three miles. I’m so glad we did. We also ran some errands and went to target, of course I couldn’t leave without buying something so I left with two shirts and a dress!

When I got to Mike’s we ran out for a quick lunch. Then we went to play with this little guy..



It’s really beginning to look like fall. Check out these mums!

I love the pink!

This afternoon has been filled with more football watching and reading this magazine! I found some really fun fall recipe ideas!


Tonight were going out in Downtown Baltimore! I’m sure it’ll be a great time! Gotta go get ready now! Have a great Saturday night!


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