I think Becky has it right. #Treatyoself.  It’s good for the soul.

Even though Becky usually posts this on Tuesdays, I thought it would be a fun way to start off the week!


I find that I don’t always find time to treat myself. I love doing things for others but it is so important to put ourselves first too. This week I made a good effort I treat myself each day!! I love doing little things that show people I care…. so why don’t I do that for myself? THis is all about to change thanks to Becky! Here’s how it went down….

Tuesday: I got myself this jumbo box of flavored coffee for the fall. I love love love coffee and this will brighten my dark fall morning commutes to work!
photo (846)
Thursday: I started watching a new TV show to relax in the evenings. I found tons of episodes of Parenthood on demand and Netflix. I really like the show and over time I can catch up from the start to have some me time in the evenings.



Friday: I came home from work and sat on the front porch to enjoy the day. Seriously I took 10 minutes and just watched Sparky play. I stopped and smelled the roses fall leaves. Talk about relaxation!

Saturday: I got some new clothes for fall! I got this dress from target and wore it with my favorite riding boots; looking cute makes me happy!
Puppy time! We hung out with our friends on Saturday afternoon. Playing with puppies for hours can make even the most miserable people smile.
photo (843)
On Sunday, I made dips for our football lunch for my favorite boys! They were serious crowd pleasers!! Who doesn’t like football Sunday!?!?

Also this week, SLEEP! I’ve made a conscious effort to catch up on sleep for my sanity! Ha! Sunday night, I went to bed and 9 and slept until 6:30!!! I woke up briefly for a headache. Silly sinuses. But I woke up completely refreshed to start my week! If that’s not treating yourself I don’t know what is!?

Can’t wait to continue to treat myself this week too! What do you do to treatyoself? Make sure to link up and show Becky tomorrow!!


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