Confession, I’m a snacker!

Picture this. You’ve worked 8.5 hours, driven an hour to work each way with traffic and you’re exhausted. You get home, change and walk to the kitchen to make dinner. Your belly is starting to growl and the leftovers from last night are sitting in the fridge calling to you. So are the M&Ms sitting on the counter. So you pick at both while you whip up and amazing dinner.

You eat said dinner. You also eat said snacks.

You clean up dinner. Pack your lunch and quickly realize you’re beyond full. You’re uncomfortably full. Your pants get tighter. This trend continues for weeks.

This has been my life. I am the snacker. Confession!

Yep. My pants are a little tighter and that stupid number on the scale is starting to use hate words. But I finally acknowledged my issue. I eat when I am bored. I am not starving when I get home from work. There’s no reason I can’t wait to eat until dinner is ready. All those little bites added up. I ate because I was tired from work, frustrated from my drive, and killing time as I rush to the next thing. I need to stop, smell the roses, and slow down. This week I broke the cycle.

This week as I have come home from work I start dinner. Then I change and then I get to blogging. I know not every schedule will work with this every week for me but for now this is working. I’m being productive and I’m acknowledging my bad habit! I’m not punishing myself either because that never goes well for me.

Just by breaking this habit for the last 4 days I’m already down over a pound! This is the motivation I need to keep it up!

Do any of you have this issue? My weight usually stays around the same but when I start to feel gross and bloated I know changes are necessary. What are your tips for not (unnecessarily) snacking?!


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