Crazy week…

Wow. Is it really Wednesday! This week has been a total blur for me. It’s been busy at work and I’ve been into a hundred different things every night. I need to stop and smell the roses coffee.

Last night I had dinner plans with one of my girlfriends. It was so great to catch up with her and hear about her upcoming wedding planning! Her engagement pictures are gorgeous! We went to a little Italian place and both had delicious salads for dinner. Oh and bread. Lots of white fluffy Italian goodness!

I came home and did my planned yoga DVD even though it was 8 and I totally wanted to fall into bed. You never regret a workout right!? I followed that up with catching up with my family, looking through photo albums with my mom( they’re cleaning out the basement) I was a super cute baby btw haha, meal packing, an episode of Parenthood, and some serious snoring. I. Needed. Sleep.

Fast forward to 6:30 this morning as I hopped in my car to come to work coffee in hand. I love this stuff.

When I got to work I had more pumpkin overnight oats with sliced almonds in it today! Fun crunches!

photo (861)
For lunch I had a nasty looking salad with chicken and quinoa. It was boring but good! I scarfed it down while I was working!

photo (862)

Did I mention how crazy my week has been? Oh yes. Right. I did. Well sometimes you just need chocolate to make you smile. So I did that. Courtesy of the Kashi bars I picked up this weekend. Yum-o!
photo (860)
I managed to workout at lunch today with this circuit workout from last week. I added a few more rounds on to make it 30 minutes of pure sweaty bliss. I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes before!

Tonight I’m hanging out with Mike and I can’t wait to slow down, relax and do nothing! Have a wonderful hump day friends!


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