Duck Dynasty just makes me smile.

Last night after a quick errand I got to Mike’s house for the evening! I’ve had such a busy week and he did his best to cheer me up! Some snuggles on the couch and two hilarious episode of Duck Dynasty later, I was happy as a clam!!

After some TV time, we headed to subway for a dinner date. Fancy, right!?

We also had to get air in Mike’s tires and run to the store for a really fun recipe I wanted to try out! It’s for a guest post coming soon!!

photo (867)

We watched a ton of Modern Family last night. That show is just hilarious. We’re gonna watch the premier thanks to DVR this evening!

My eats for today:
Oatmeal for breakfast.
photo (866)
Microwaved quesadilla for lunch.
photo (864)
Workout was some serious elliptical work! I did 25 minutes of HITT on the elliptical followed by a strenuous lower body strength workout! Killer!!
photo (865)
Off to hang with Mike again tonight!


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