My fall to do list!

Do you make lists? I do, you could say I am obsessed with lists. I make at least 2385723847 5 a day! It helps keep me organized and I love to cross things off and feel accomplished! There are so many things I love about the fall, besides RAVENS football, obviously, so I decided I needed to make a list so that I don’t leave anything out! I wouldn’t want to miss out on any fall fun!!

1. Think of a really good Halloween costume. (Suggestions more than welcome) I always have the hardest time with this and end up with something bought last minute. I did love my Kim Kardashian costume. Stuffed butt, wig, and all, but no one needs to see that again!

2. Go to the pumpkin patch! I love doing this it makes me feel like a kid again! I think Mike and I are already planning on going again next weekend (YIPPEE!!!)

pumpkin patch


3. Drink apple cider, yes the hard stuff too! Something about this just screams fall to me! Apples are healthy right? HA!

4. Visit friends! Before I get my foot surgery, I want to make sure to get a lot of mobile friend time in! I don’t want to be hobbling all over the place trying to keep up!

5. Eat candy. With Halloween this is just a must. Everything in moderation!

halloween candy


6. Bake new things- including not only including pumpkin! (Trying this tomorrow hopefully!!)

7. Get new boots, I think a new black pair for skinny jeans!!

8. Complete a wellness check; I want to know my levels of cholesterol, BMI, etc. Time to see beyond the scale!

9. Take more pictures! I never do this enough! I want to document the special moments in my life!

10. Try a pumpkin beer! I KNOW… what is wrong with me? I never have!!!

What is on YOUR fall to do list!!??!?


Leave a comment :)

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