A good way to start the day!

Don’t you just love Monday mornings? You wake up and hear the birds chirping, coffee brewing, and completely relaxed. Wait? Yours wasn’t like that? Yea… Me either. I woke up after I turned my alarm of 20 minutes before I needed to leave the house. Awesome right?! You can imagine how good my hair looks today.

I also forgot my gym bag so I had to get creative with the backup clothes and shoes I keep at my office so that I never have an excuse to skip a workout!

I was really off to a great start today- ha.

To top it all off… Raging heart burn. I think my insides were lit on fire and doused with propane. Note to self. Lay off the coffee!!!!

Other than a few minor setbacks today was a really great day that began with a hot bowl of oatmeal, but you’ve seen that before! I had an ugly but delicious and healthy lunch too! Quinoa, veggies, and a chopped up veggie burger for the win! It was seriously delicious!

Yesterday was a fun day too! I went to see Mike play lacrosse with his college buddies in a tournament during the day!

photo (880)

Plus we went on a dinner date to Outback last night! So good!
photo (879)
Also please look at my breakfast yesterday:
photo (881)
I was craving a grilled cheese and wanted to use some of the monster tomatoes from our garden. I also threw on some lump crab meat my mom was using for a different recipe. This was finger licking good! Ahh love it!

Off to run some errands have a great night!


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