Linner and the pumpkin patch!

Happy Sunday friends! What have you been up to? We got home around 11 from Virginia and were exhausted from a fun day! It was early to bed early to rise for me! This little guy was rest to party this morning though!


Mike whipped up a lowly egg and hash brown brunch for us too!

There’s something about dippy eggs that just makes me happy! Plus he is quite the cook! We quickly got ready and played with spark because we had plans to go to the pumpkin patch this morning. While it may be fall, it still feels like summer in Baltimore. Holy upper 80’s today! That didn’t stop us from picking out pumpkins, cold apple cider, and some fresh produce though!


We didn’t stay too long though! The ravens played today at 1 and we needed to get back for kickoff! Enter our linner. Lunch and dinner. Sundays mean fun food so we had pizza. Mike ordered wings and I had a salad to get some extra veggies in!


I did take a long nap during the game but I woke up in time to see us win! Yay! Hope you all have a great night!


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