I didn’t sleep last night.

Ok I did. But not much. It was one of those nights where is didn’t fall asleep until 1-2 and then woke up every hour on the hour and 20 minutes before my alarm went off at 6. It was fun. It made today super enjoyable. Lets just say coffee was my loyal bestie.

I guess it’s from my third quarter snooze during the football game, all the lounging, the gross amounts of candy corn I snacked on all day, or the fact that Mike and I decided to just have a scoop of ice cream for dinner.

photo (896)

I don’t know you pick. Either way all those things said no sleepy for Jackie last night. Hoping tonight I can rest!

Breakfast today was an old favorite! 2 ingredient pancakes! No breakfast is complete without peanut butter!

photo (895)

I worked all morning and hopped on the elliptical at lunch to get some cardio in! After freshening up I had this yummy lunch! Veggie burger salad and sweet potato chips. I am drooling even typing about these. I love it!

photo (894)

I have a busy night of food prep and laundry ahead of me. Wild night fo sho. At least I can watch Parenthood while I do it! I also and going to do a workout DVD!

I stopped and ran some errands on my way home so I am excited not to have to leave the house again! Ha!

What did you do this week to prep!?!


2 thoughts on “Sleepyyyyy

  1. Went through the same thing last night! I think I had too much caffeine, because I didn’t fall asleep until after 1 and then tossed all night, ugh!
    Food prep for me this week consisted of grilling all of our chicken and making oven meals ahead of time.

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