{Tasty Tuesday} Homemade Applesauce

I don’t know if when I have mentioned how much I love crock pots in the past I really made you understand how much I love the good ole slow cooker. See my sweet mom is the Queen of Crockpotland and therefore I am the princess. You can seriously cook anything in a crockpot and it always is a breeze! Plus your house gets to smell nice all day from it! Set it and forgetting meals and recipes are so easy for me because after working all day and driving an hour home in rush hour, I don’t always want to cook. Having away already done makes planning and healthy living so much easier for me, your crockpot princess.

My mom has about 20 crockpots. I wish I was kidding. While I am living at home, I plan on taking full advantage of her beautiful collection and making the most of this fantastic kitchen tool.

This weekend, Mike and I took a trip to the pumpkin patch, remember? Well, this patch is also a full service country store and orchard! We took advantage and picked up quite a few of these beautiful apples and I decided to come home and make something delicious from them!

Homemade crockpot applesauce!!!!!!!

I am telling you guys, this recipe was a winner. It made the house smell divine all day while we lounged and watched football! I couldn’t wait for it to finish cooking so that I could dig in to my fall favorite!!!

applesauce 001
Recipe (yields 8 1/2cup servings)
6 apples (I used 6 gala and 2 large jonagold apples)
1.5 T brown sugar Splenda
2 T lemon juice
Cinnamon to taste

Remember I like easy recipes so it goes like this:
Peel and rough chop the washed apples. As I do this I add the lemon juice and toss frequently in my bowl.

Once you have finished with the apples add to the Pam sprayed crockpot.

applesauce 003

You must use a football shaped crockpot if you cook on a Sunday. It’s a rule in our house! Then you add the cinnamon and brown sugar.

applesauce 005Cook on low for six hours. You can stir and mash about every hour.

applesauce 007

I prefer my sauce smooth so once the apples are cooked through I pulsed the mixture in my blender to achieve the desired consistency.

applesauce 008

You can definitely enjoy this warm but I let my sauce chill in the fridge overnight. Yummmmm. It was a perfect addition to my lunches this week!



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