Hump Day

Guess what day it is!!!!!

hump day


I just couldn’t resist.

In lieu of the What I Ate Wednesday Posts that everyone else in the blogosphere seems to do on Wednesdays I thought I would stick to my roots and give ya a day in my life instead!

6:14 wake up. Wait I actually woke up at 2:40 to Spark barking at a fire truck, he continued to bark for another half hour. It was super fun. On the bright side I watched an episode of the show on E! Jesse and Eric Game On. They have cute dogs!

6:40 leave for work coffee in hand. Slug it back on the hour drive!

7:36 arrive at work! Made it here fast! Woo!

8:15 eat breakfast like this one. Slather on that Pumpkin Butta baby! So fricken good.

photo (898)

Work work work!

11:35 head down to the gym for a midday workout. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical for a HITT workout. 40 sec on 20 recovery. Schwetty. After that, I unwillingly completed a quick full body circuit workout to get some strength training in for the day. I didn’t want to do it for some reason today. But I am glad I did. I never regret a workout!

12:30 come back to work. Catch up on emails and work.

1:05 eat lunch. All week I’ve been eating these turkey taco salads that I prepped the food for Monday night. It’s messy looking but it is tasty. I have quinoa, black beans, corn, salsa, guac, and some peppers and onions on a bed of lettuce!

photo (897)
2:30 I stress swiped a spoon of peanut butter out of the jar. Regret!

4:30 leave work. Head to Mike’s house. Chat and hang out and write this post!! We also ran a mile and a half to see how my foot was doing. It wasn’t pain I felt but a discomfort. I miss running so much but I am so conflicted and afraid to go under the knife. I fear it will keep me from more things that I love to do. Does anyone out there know of someone getting a bone spur removed from the top of their foot and the aftermath?!?

We’re heading to Subway for a quick dinner now!

What did you do today!?!


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