A slight tangent and I had the sleepy HAHA’s

Well I ran last night non stop for a mile and a half and again at lunch today for a mile. I’m in no more discomfort than normal with my foot and the running bug has reignited in me. I’m still conflicted about the surgery and weighing the options. Hey, I may never run a marathon but there is nothing like causally running in the neighborhood to clear your head. And I’m ok with that. Cue awkward picture….

photo (902)

Sorry for the tangent, but I’m Nacho Average Runner after all. I’m back (for now) baby!! Mike went with me and we talked the whole time. He is my favorite running buddy in the world!!!!

After we ran, Mike and I went to subway for a quick dinner. No picture you know what a six inch turkey on honey oat looks like by now!

We came home and watched a ton of TV but it was nice to unwind. I even had a treat!
photo (901)
I’ve never had theses before. I’m not a huge candy person but these are fricken good. I guess I had too many, 3(?) because when it was time for bed I had a total giggle fit for nothing and Acted like a total weirdo. Either I shouldn’t eat south sugar before bed or I need to eat more to acclimate my body. Hmmmm……

Breakfast this morning was a game changer. I tossed some applesauce in my oatmeal. Ahhmazing!
photo (900)
Lunch was this…

Another day another dollar. Or taco salad. I’m kind of getting sick of this since I’ve had it every day for lunch! I should have frozen the meat!
photo (899)
I plan on doing a little treating myself tonight!! After my 2 hour commute home, I am so glad I have nothing on the agenda. I want to bake, do my nails, and watch some TV shows! Plus dinner with my dad!! Can’t wait!

Have a great night everyone!


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