I missed you sunshine!

Ahh. Monday. We meet again!

My morning couldn’t have happened without Dunkin today.

photo (909)

I was up quite late last night due to the ending of The Walking Dead premiere. Holy crap. My heart rate was through the roof! I won’t give away any spoilers but I really liked the start to the season and think there will be a lot of good episodes coming up! Did anyone else watch it?

I worked all morning and took a quick break for lunch to complete a circuit style strength workout. I plan on getting some cardio in tonight!

After my workout, I refueled with this delicious grilled eggplant parmesan and aside salad from Trader Joe’s for lunch.

photo (910)

It was surprisingly tasty!

I was busy all afternoon and was shocked when it was the time it was to go home! I have a hair trim tonight and then I’m off to the gym so I’m planned to have a quick dinner on the docket. Brinner anyone!?

photo (911)Yummy. I just love me some egg sandwiches! Ketchup too.. hehe.

I do have to say, I’m so glad the sun is shining again today! I know we needed the rain but that streak was so gloomy! It made everyone blue and it didn’t help with traffic hiccups! I did manage to whip up a meal and fitness plan for the week so I am feeling pretty accomplished! I also was able to catch up with a great friend I grew up with today too!

Monday- lets keep this awesomeness up! I’ve got a great feeling about this week!!! Have a nice evening everyone!


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